CPE System Overview for a Cybersecurity Program

1. Honorary Membership for Speakers:

  • Automatic Recognition: Speakers in the program automatically become Honorary Members, acknowledging their expertise and significant contribution.
  • CPE Earning: They earn 200 CPE credits for every session they conduct.

2. CPE Earning Opportunities:

  • For Speakers: Each speaking session equates to 200 CPE credits.
  • Breakdown of CPE Earning Methods:
    • Attending a Master Class: 50 CPE credits.
    • Scoring 80% or higher on a Quiz: 50 CPE credits.
    • Leading or attending a Workshop: 50 CPE credits.
    • Attending a Physical Session: 100 CPE credits.

3. Use of CPE Credits:

  • CPE credits can be utilized to enroll in or buy certification examinations for CFCS2R (a specific certification in the field, presumably related to cybersecurity).

4. Membership Tiers and Requirements:

  • Honorary Member: Requires a minimum of 800 CPE credits. This tier is also automatically granted to speakers for their contributions.
  • Dignitary: Another tier mentioned, although the specific CPE requirement and benefits for this level were not detailed.

5. Membership Benefits:

  • Certificates: Members who reach certain CPE thresholds receive both physical and online certificates.
  • These certificates are a testament to their commitment and expertise in cybersecurity.
  • Professional Development: This system seems geared towards encouraging ongoing learning and professional development in cybersecurity.
  • Recognition and Advancement: The tiered membership approach, along with the option to use CPE credits for certification examinations, aligns recognition with tangible career advancement opportunities.

This CPE system effectively integrates educational achievements, professional contributions, and career progression opportunities in the cybersecurity field. It incentivizes active participation in the program’s activities and recognizes individuals’ efforts and expertise through a structured membership hierarchy.

The CPE’s Will be accumulated in your credit bank and same can be used while request of Certification Examination purchase or Membership Promotion.



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